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Wellcome to doctor Abu  sangoma online who can help to solve all problems your facing in life ,as a sangome online , I have helped many people all over the world using the powers passed to me by  my fore fathers to help people using traditional medicine like ebombo, kayayana, etc. Dr Abu a sangoma online  is a long distance healer no matter the color ,race or culture sangoma online is here for you to help no matter the situation your facing .

sangoma witch doctor
So many people ask them self questions who is a sangoma ? or sangoma witch doctor,do real sangoma work? sangoma witch doctors have been here for so long and this word songoma means a traditional healer or a traditional doctor ,a native healer ,it's a south African word which means all that.  Doctor Abu as a sangoma witch doctor based in southern Africa am here for you for any help you need weather in love ,business,marriage, witch raft,it's time to try sangoma witch doctor Abu who has never failed no one in life and all who have tried him have got positive results .

Sangoma in South Africa


Sangoma is local word in South Africa used by the local people in southern part of Africa which means  traditional healers, native healers, a spiritual person, someone who got a calling from the spirits to help others and infect Sangoma is a word used by entire southern Africa means a Native Healer. Sangoma in South Africa it means a local herbalist/healer using local medicine, who solve all kind of problems or diseases .the fact   sangomas in south Africa are believed to play a big in helping people with different types of problems .Like any other country where people heal using traditional ways of healing it is said that they turned to the sangomas to help during the fighting of evil and other people who got into their lad like the white people etc. Being a sangoma in south Africa it’s not weird because it was a calling and powers which where passed onto me by my ancestors/my fore fathers to me   and  in fact it’s known all over southern Africa ,sangoma in south Africa ,is a healer,  one way or the other how local peoples solve their problems in day to day life. People are born with this gift of spiritual wisdom and they do practice it publicly. Doctor Abu is among the strongest   Sangoma who have helped a lot of people through traditional healing in southern part of Africa for a long time, in-case you are looking for a powerful sangoma in South Africa look no further doctor Abu is the solution for your problems call now /email .

Sangoma online


Sangoma online, if you ask our self what does this word mean? ,it means a healer /traditional healer/traditional doctor /in   Africa means a person with spiritual powers /ancestral wisdom of healing . Someone who can see and communicate with the ancestors of the  same clan in particular if do understand .a Sangoma online  can be a herbalist, native healer or a traditional doctor , etc  Sangoma .However abilities , strength and capacity of all sangomas are not the same there those with strong powers and those with lost powers from their fore fathers. doctor Abu as a songoma online ,I can help you to solve all , for-example some sangomas have got Ability to know the purpose mix of traditional medicines (muthi) and yet they can’t poses the ancestors on their head its true and normal so ask your sangoma before proceeding with any sangoma online you can come a cross  .

Sangoma doctor


sangoma is a word used I n southern part of Africa ,what about sangoma doctor , like me doctor abu . have you tried may have failed you, sangama doctor or to become a songoma doctor it takes time and sacrifice of life since it’s a whole life e dedication to serve the spirits and human beings to help those in need or can never have answers for their problems to find solutions, so it’s actually a whole life time job no matter what if you have this calling from your ancestors you have no choice. Some sangoma doctors they do learn from others and others are born with it naturally with that gift purposely to be sangoma which means a healer. Have you been looking for sangoma, herbalist, around Africa? Why not try doctor Abu the powerful sangoma doctor based in Africa is one of the few sangoma to day who have got the ability and powers with experience to solve any kind of problem. Call me a strong sangoma who was born naturally to be a sangoma with strong ancestral spirits to help those in need.