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Native spiritual healing is based upon an accurate understanding of the underlying causes of problems in life. The art of spiritual healing has been perfected and passed down through generations and has been recognized in some African countries. African traditional medicine and spiritual healing has come a very long way. We employ unique methods, handed down to us through the ages by our fore fathers in the treatment of ailments. It is a holistic approach which involves the use of herbs and divine powers. The methods may be used for cure. You cannot solve what you don't understand. That is why native fortune telling, psychic divination, tarot readings & astrology may be very important tools in understanding the root causes to certain anomalies in your life. The understanding of the root causes of dysfunction in your realm is the first stage to spiritual healing & repair of the spiritual energies related to specific parts of your life. The Native fortune teller may refocus your spiritual channels & clear negative unconscious sub-programming that reinforces negatives in your life. My fortune telling may open your spirit to alternative spiritual & inner pathways towards positive outcomes in relation to specific events & areas of your life. The Native fortune healer may have the ability to connect to you at a spiritual level & spiritually channel divine wisdom & positive spirituals on specific issues of your life that have a bearing on your life.

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The powerful native healer from southern Africa Doctor Abu believes that life problems are calculated in every situation. Powerful native healer and powers I got for native healing is the essence of every living creature on earth. Powerful native healers or inanimate objects is to cast spells to your best needs. This native healer that works has the living creature from their own personalities and cosmic place.

Doctor Abu the native healer, removes black witchcraft that keeps on taking your money and also to see the reasons why you are poor and not Progressing in life.

Native healer doctor abu says, this is time to stop your marriage or relationship to break apart with the native healing practices and I will also help you to get married to the person of your choice through native healing. Native healers from homes, Remove bad luck from a person, powerful native healer basically for business &customer attraction etc. you can get a promotion at work or in your career with the online powerful native healer


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Powerful native healers and spiritual ceremonies that are being practiced today, practitioners and metaphysical groups have been adopted from traditions that came from various Native healing tribes. Native healer’s history shows that each tribe will have two or more spirits who were groomed in the native healing arts. These individuals would serve as herbalists, native healers, and spirit communicators. Powerful native healer’s duties and types of healing arts and spiritual ceremonies performed would naturally vary from tribe to tribe, honoring and respectful of the Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandfather, and Grandmother.